R&D Tax Relief SupportFor Accountants

The Radius team's new area of support focused primarily on providing qualified, tailored advice and support to accountancy firms conducting R&D Tax Relief claims.

Accountants are facing greater R&D Tax challenges

With increasing levels of scrutiny and more compliance checks being exhibited by HMRC into R&D Tax Relief claims, Radius has also seen an increase in requests for consultancy work to provide advice and guidance to accountancy firms who have completed claims for their clients or provided advice.

These requests are mostly derived from the following areas:

  • Their client has been subject to an HMRC enquiry.
  • They would like to review and validate existing claims.
  • They wish to up-skill their existing teams in R&D tax legislation.

The requests we receive share a common goal: de-risking R&D Tax Relief claims against the business, at a time when risk is growing.

The support we offer

  • Risk Profiling
  • HMRC Enquiry Support
  • Training & Upskilling
  • Accountancy Partnerships
  • Consultancy

Risk Profiling
R&D Tax Relief claims

If your accountancy firm manages R&D claims for multiple clients, our specialist R&D technical compliance team will review these, providing detailed risk analyses to help you better understand which of your current clients may be at risk of an HMRC enquiry, and where improvements could be made in the reporting process.

HMRC Enquiry Support

HMRC Enquiry Support

Suppose your client is subject to an HMRC enquiry into their R&D tax relief claim. In that case, we can provide specialist advice on formulating the appropriate responses and resolving any issues.

Our team includes an experienced former HMRC R&D Tax Inspector who fully understands the processes and requirements of such an enquiry.

Training & Upskilling

Training & Upskilling

If you have an R&D team in-house or plan to grow and develop one in future, the Radius team offer bespoke advice, guidance, and training to help you build a team that does R&D tax reliefs properly.

Accountancy Partnerships

Accountancy Partnerships

Our team of dedicated R&D specialists works closely with accountants nationwide, helping them complete their clients’ claims, reducing risk and maximising their value within the legislative parameters.



Our compliance team can review ongoing R&D Tax claims being conducted by your firm’s in-house R&D team; this includes early investigations into the eligibility of a claim, ongoing advice and support throughout a claim process, and a review of complete claim documentation in line with financial and technical compliance.

Risk Profiling

Why is R&D Tax Relief support for accountants important?

R&D Tax Reliefs are a specialisation within business tax legislation. It is a highly technical field, requiring an understanding of the R&D BEIS Guidelines and an appropriate level of technical knowledge to help provide insight into the claim.

This includes the ability to explain why there is technical uncertainty and an appreciable advance in capability or knowledge within the project.

Accountancy firms may not have the technical, engineering or research experience required to provide an appropriate level of advice; they may also be unable to foresee all requirements under the most recent legislative rules. Our support allows these accountants to better qualify and validate their clients’ projects from a technical perspective.

Scott Burksinshaw

The Radius team are all fully qualified R&D Tax Relief specialists, not generalists, meaning they are at the very forefront of all things R&D.

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