Chamber R&DR&D Tax Reliefs in Sheffield

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How does R&D Tax Relief work?

  • Do you pay technical specialists to solve technical problems?
  • If so, your business could save around £25k of every £100k spent innovating.
  • Average tax saving for companies claiming through Chamber R&D: £31k

R&D Tax Relief is a generous government-backed incentive designed to reward innovative companies who invest in R&D. For an SME, this tax relief is worth around 25% of what a company has spent innovating.

It is one of the most significant tax breaks available to businesses right now, but many companies don’t realise they qualify. This is why we have partnered with the Sheffield Chamber of Commerce, to help regional businesses claim their full entitlement.

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  • Does your innovative work qualify for R&D tax reliefs?

    In order to claim R&D tax relief, your activities must meet HMRC’s definition of R&D – however, this includes more than you may think.

    • Your project must firstly relate to your company trade, whether current or future.
    • Your project must have attempted to achieve an advance or an appreciable improvement in science or technology.
    • Your project must also have attempted to overcome technological or scientific uncertainty.
    • Your project may not have been easily worked out by a competent professional in the field.

    It costs nothing to find out if you qualify, so check your eligibility today, or get in touch if you want to talk to an expert about your R&D activities.

How to get started

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Check your eligibility

You can find out if your work qualifies for R&D tax relief by downloading our free Eligibility Checklist. 10 minutes and 11 simple questions to determine your eligibility to claim

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Try our R&D Calculator

Find out how much R&D tax relief your company can claim using our R&D tax relief calculator.


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Our approach to R&D tax relief

The Radius process for R&D Tax Relief claims has helped us save Sheffield Chamber members over £600,000 in Corporation Tax. This includes both profit and loss making businesses from a wide range of industries.

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Step 1: Free Consultation

We kick things off with a 30–60-minute initial discussion. This can be in person, over the phone, or via videocall. Here we will be introduced to your business and will explore whether we believe a R&D tax credit claim is possible.

Step 2: Building your claim

The dedicated Radius team will help you identify all qualifying R&D projects undertaken by your business and will help put your R&D tax relief claim together. We do most of the work, so you don’t have to; this includes gathering all technical information, putting together qualifying costs and knowing all the right questions to ask.

Step 3: Maximising your claim

Radius will work with you to maximise your claim within the scope of the legislation. We will produce the technical report and a summary of qualifying costs that is required to support a claim.

  • Reduce Corporation Tax with Patent Box

    Patent Box Tax Relief allows businesses to pay a lower Corporation Tax rate of 10% on profits arising from patented products or services.

    The Radius team includes dedicated Patent Box experts who have gained a unique specialism in these rules ever since their introduction in 2013. Our team submitted some of the very first claims to be made under the Patent Box tax relief regime, and we have saved clients millions of pounds in Corporation Tax since then.

    Download our free Patent Box Guide today to find out if you qualify.

    Download Patent Box Guide
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  • Sheffield Chamber of Commerce

    An integral part of Sheffield's innovation ecosystem

    We are passionate about ensuring we do our bit to boost local prosperity, and making sure companies claim their full entitlement to the generous tax reliefs available for innovation. This is why we are the R&D Tax Relief partner for the following organisations: 

    • Sheffield Chamber of Commerce
    • Barnsley & Rotherham Chamber of Commerce
    • Doncaster Chamber of Commerce
    • East Midlands Chamber of Commerce 
    • Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre 
    • Sheffield Digital