Raising fundsfor Business

Raising funds could help you develop longer-term opportunities, make a shareholder exit possible, facilitate a management buy-out or simply improve your existing funding.

Do you need to raise funds for your business?

There is one thing that every business has in common – that is funding.

Raising business funds can facilitate long-term opportunities for your business, like buying a new factory, entering new markets, or acquiring a competitor. It can also be a sensible option for making a shareholder exit possible, enabling a management buy-out, or simply improving the quality of service/cost of your existing funding.

The key challenges of fundraising

The most difficult part of raising funds for a business is often knowing who to approach for the funding. Do you contact the banks, private equity groups, or do you opt for more specialist routes?

There are a multitude of factors to consider, each having a significant impact on the end result. This is why it’s crucial that you chose the right advisers to assist and support you throughout the process.

How the Shorts Corporate Finance team can help

Our award-winning Corporate Finance team has successfully raised funds for hundreds of businesses, in all economic situations. If you have decided you need to raise finance, or just want to explore your options, our team will be happy to offer qualified advice.

We are focussed on providing a high quality, personable service to our clients. We will be candid and open with you regarding your options and will objectively determine and agree your funding requirements.

Obtaining the right funding options

The principal goal will be to obtaining the right funding option for you that will maximise the benefits for the business. To do this we will leverage the strong, enduring relationships we have with the major banks, asset-based lenders, and private equity houses.

We will also bring valuable experience to the table, in contract negotiation and due diligence, to ensure your business can successfully raise funds of the right amount, at the right rate, and the right time.

Speak to our award-winning Corporate Finance specialists about raising business funds today.

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