Buying aBusiness

Buying a business can be a challenging time and it’s crucial that you chose the right advisers to assist and support you throughout the process.

Buying an existing business in the UK

Buying a business is an exciting opportunity, and there are many reasons why an individual or organisation would choose to do it. Business acquisition takes many forms and presents several challenges. This is why it’s crucial that you chose the right advisers to assist and support you throughout the process.

Our award-winning Corporate Finance team will provide you with all the proactive and strategic support you need to make a successful business purchase.

How Shorts can help

We focus on delivering a high quality, personable service, applying the knowledge we have built up from many years of advising on acquisitions.

Over the years, we have gained an impressive track record of finding the right acquisitions for our clients, delivering the best value and optimal deal structures.

This experience negotiating with sellers sets us apart, as does our ability to keep a level-head and offer reassurance during what can be a stressful process.

Bespoke and comprehensive research

Our bespoke service will begin with complete and detailed research on the market, including identifying the right target for you and then understanding all you need to know about that business.

Our team will assess the quality of its customers and/or contracts, identify how it makes profit, who the key people are within the business, and several other crucial considerations.

Maximise your tax position as a buyer

Tax impacts both the buyer and seller of a business. From a buyer’s perspective, it is important to ensure your purchase is structured to maximise your tax position going forward. Issues can include the buyer taking on unexpected tax liabilities of the company. Tax due diligence performed by a specialist is essential for a purchaser to avoid unexpected tax liabilities.

Other tax considerations, including stamp duty if a purchase includes commercial property, and pre-existing tax issues (such as VAT, PAYE and NI commitments and compliance) can also be covered as part of a pre-purchase tax evaluation.

Due diligence when buying a business

The Shorts team has extensive experience in providing tailored and commercially focussed Due Diligence reports to banks, venture capitalists, public sector bodies and other acquisitive companies.

Our partners have undertaken Due Diligence assignments on many complex businesses, delivering quality reports within tight deadlines. We are therefore ideally placed to provide Due Diligence support however large or small the deal.

The business intelligence gained from our due diligence reports have given our clients essential protection against legal liabilities, regulatory compliance issues, and unforeseen financial burdens.

Award-winning corporate deal-making

Once the all-important research phase is complete, it’s time to negotiate a deal that works for everybody.

The Shorts strategy combines the right tactics, and the right offer being delivered with finesse and carefully cultivated rapport with the sellers. We understand the importance of understanding what the sellers really want to achieve, as well as the buyer.

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