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Our award-winning Corporate Finance team provides accurate and trustworthy business valuations for a wide range of business types, industries, and goals.

What is your business worth?

Business valuation services provide a measurable assessment of your business’s monetary worth, which helps stakeholders make informed decisions and take appropriate actions based on the market value of the business.

The Shorts Corporate Finance team has decades of combined experience in calculating accurate and dependable valuations for businesses across the whole UK business sector.

Why is an accurate business valuation so important?

If you plan to sell your business, understanding its value is essential for negotiating a fair price with potential buyers. It also enables you to set realistic expectations and terms for the sale.

But an accurate business valuation is valuable in numerous other ways, not just when it’s time to sell. Expert witness for court disputes, HMRC clearances, strategic planning, decision-making, raising capital, mergers and acquisitions, benchmarking and employee incentives/compensation can all informed by an up-to-date valuation of the overall business.

Understanding your business’s value helps you assess its financial health and potential vulnerabilities. This is particularly important for making informed risk management decisions.

Furthermore, investors, partners, and other stakeholders often want to know the value of their investment or involvement, so an up-to-date valuation is essential for maintaining transparency and trust.

How does a Shorts business valuation work?

At Shorts, we pride ourselves on taking the time to fully understand your business, how it operates, and what its strategic goals are, and ensuring our valuation service facilitates the best possible outcome for you.

What does this mean in practice?

  • Carefully gathering and reviewing comprehensive financial information
  • Normalising your financials to ensure they reflect the true economic performance of the business
  • Selecting the most appropriate valuation methods for your business and its industry
  • Estimating the future cash flow of the business
  • Conducting in-depth market analysis, considering industry and market trends
  • Calculating the net value of tangible and intangible assets
  • Evaluating the business’s risk profile
  • Considering the business’s growth prospects and expansion plans
  • Assessing the competence and experience of the business management team
  • Clearly documenting valuation methods and assumptions, and ensuring transparency
  • Conducting a sensitivity analysis to understand how key assumptions impact the valuations, should they change
  • Providing tailored professional advice and expertise for every step of the valuation process

Why work with Shorts?

Our team will use a proven combination of financial analysis, market research, and consideration of various other factors. We always strive for transparency, diligence, and providing clients with a comprehensive understanding of their business, and an accurate and useful valuation.

In order to stay at the cutting edge of the service we offer, our business valuations team have regular training days on the latest methodologies to make sure we are up to speed with any major shifts. We have provided clients with over 100 accurate and dependable valuations over the last 3 years, across multiple industries.

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