The Shorts Audit Promise

The Shorts Audit Promise summarises what our audit clients experience every day.

The Shorts Audit Promise summarises how we achieve great client service.

Andy Irvine – Audit & Accounts Partner, Shorts


Selecting a new auditor can feel like jumping into the unknown – we understand that.

How can you be certain about what the audit experience is going to be like?

How will it match up to the promises made during the tender process?

The relationship between your business and its auditors should be a long-term partnership built on trust, support, and collaboration.

Your auditor should have a genuine interest in what your business does now and what your plans are for the future; and they should invest their time and knowledge toward helping you achieve those goals.

And the reason we know this? – because we’ve been doing it for decades. We’ve listened to what our clients have to say and understand what they want from both their annual audit process and their audit teams personally. Crucially, we’ve found that these requirements align closely with how we at Shorts look to work with all of our audit clients.

The Shorts Audit Promise is built around seven key principles, which summarise how we believe an audit should be and, indeed, how every one of our audit engagements is managed.


What the Shorts Audit Promise means

Partner led

We believe audits should be partner led – so that’s what we do.

We are constantly surprised and disappointed when prospective clients tell us they hardly saw their previous audit partner.

As a client of Shorts, you’ll be allocated a dedicated partner, who will oversee your audit from start to finish, be heavily involved in the audit process and will be your key point of contact.

Every client is important, and Shorts treats them that way. In our view a partner led service ensures all clients are given the best service possible; from those with the most experience, knowledge and insight.

Our partners love spending time with clients – it’s their favourite part of the job – and they want to truly understand your business and build a strong, lasting relationship.

This enables our team to provide you with a better audit service, but also to offer strategic advice for other areas of your business.

Real value for money

Taking account of the quality, knowledge, and experience of our people, an audit from Shorts represents real value for money.

Our sensible pricing is based upon our local market of South Yorkshire and North Derbyshire, rather than the sometimes-unrealistic fees charged by the large national/international firms.

Our partners will be directly involved in every step of your audit, applying their extensive Big Four experience to your business.

You will therefore get a lot of facetime with our most experienced and qualified senior team members and our conversations will cover much more than just the mundane details of your audit.

Overall focus on quality

An audit report from Shorts is one that both you and your key stakeholders can rely on.

Our reputation has been cultivated over many years, and our overall focus on quality is why we’re so well trusted throughout the local business community.

It’s simple – we just do things properly, delivering our work to a high standard and always giving your numbers a rigorous challenge, based on the audit risks we’ve agreed with you before commencing our work.

We’ll never cut corners but we won’t waste time on areas of little importance either.

Meaningful advice

An audit from Shorts isn’t about the audit team being in and out as quickly as possible and not being seen again until next year.

Our partners want to really get involved with your business, to understand what you’re trying to achieve both now and in the future.

Then, based on years of experience, they can provide you with meaningful advice at a strategic level, which may sometimes involve bringing in colleagues from our other service lines.

We’re able to do this because our partners see clients regularly, developing strong, open relationships with them; gaining a deep understanding of the businesses they are auditing.

International reach

Is your business thinking globally?

Our clients are increasingly looking for a comprehensive international offering.

There are plenty of audit firms who advertise that they’re members of international associations. But in our experience, many of these arrangements are not much more than “boilerplate” with few of these associations really delivering meaningful opportunities/service.

That’s why we work with Praxity, a global alliance of independent accounting and consulting firms from 110 different countries.

Praxity is an organisation that works and we know this because we’ve worked extensively and very successfully within their global network, providing our clients with access to high-quality international advice.

Sensible approach

Partner led audits benefit from leadership and focus, where audit teams can be pointed in the right direction from the very outset.

Without this, auditors can sometime adopt a more scattergun approach, which is less focussed and results in more questions about things that just aren’t important. Our audit approach is therefore focused on the key risk areas and we won’t waste your time on things that don’t matter.

We view recent developments in auditing techniques (such as Data Analytics) as important in supporting our audit process but not in replacing audit work on key areas of subjectivity undertaken by a knowledgeable and experienced audit team.

We are however, focussed on using technology to ensure all client interactions are as easy and painless as possible and to improve your experience as a client.

Experienced team

Every Shorts audit team includes a qualified accountant because we believe that to undertake an effective audit and provide good client service, its vital our teams have the right level of experience.

We strive to achieve continuity of the team year-to-year, which is as important to us as it is for you. This continuity allows us to build stronger relationships, improve the efficiency of the audit process and develop a good understanding of your business and its goals.

Shorts has been supporting and advising the regional business community for over 130 years and we continue to invest in recruiting the very best new local talent. You can therefore be assured that as your audit team develops over time you will continue to be served by a motivated and knowledgeable team.

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