Your auditor should have a genuine interest in what your business does now and what your plans are for the future, and they should invest their time and knowledge toward helping you achieve those goals.

What is anAudit?

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An audit is a review and examination of your company’s financial information, records, and operations, which provides an independent assessment of their accuracy and reliability.

The main purpose of an audit is to give confidence to your company’s stakeholders, such as shareholders, investors, lenders, and the public. The financial statements and information presented by your company must be trustworthy and reflect its true financial position.

An independent audit from Shorts helps you ensure transparency, accountability, and integrity in your financial reporting.

The Shorts Audit Promise

Selecting a new auditor can feel like jumping into the unknown – we understand that.

The relationship between your business and its auditors should be a long-term partnership built on trust, support, and collaboration.

Your auditor should have a genuine interest in what your business does now and what your plans are for the future; and they should invest their time and knowledge toward helping you achieve those goals. And the reason we know this? – because we’ve been doing it for decades.

The Shorts Audit Promise is built around seven key principles, which summarise how we believe an audit should be and, indeed, how every one of our audit engagements is managed.


How a Shorts Audit can help you

Audits are a legal requirement for organisations that meet the qualifying criteria, but it is more than just a legal obligation. It is also an opportunity to drive real improvements in finance and operations.

  • Enhance the credibility of your organisation
  • Detect errors and potential fraud
  • Improve internal controls
  • Ensure you are compliant with regulations
  • Protect your stakeholders
  • Improve your overall fiscal management

The Shorts team can also help audit the UK subsidiaries of international companies.

An Audit by Shorts presents a range of opportunities

An audit is not just a box-checking exercise, but a real strategic business opportunity for companies that choose to use it to its full potential.

  • Your audit can provide valuable insights into the financial health of the business, identify areas for improvement, and help leaders make better decisions about resource allocation and financial planning.
  • It also highlights potential vulnerabilities, allowing you to better protect your assets for long-term sustainability.
  • Robust compliance with regulatory standards will enhance the reputation of your company, making it easier to attract investors and strengthen key relationships.
  • Our auditors have industry-specific knowledge, meaning they can provide you with valuable insights and benchmarking data to compare your company’s performance against industry peers.
  • The feedback and recommendations provided by our team can be used all year round to strengthen internal controls, optimise processes, and enhance fiscal management.

Thanks to the joined-up ethos of the wider Shorts team, your audit can reveal greater opportunities in areas such as tax planning and compliance, mergers and acquisitions, management accounts, R&D tax reliefs, and even the personal taxes of the company owners.

How our Audit team has helped our clients, in their own words.

Audit Case Studies

  • Industrial Ancillaries

    "Shorts have been with us since 1969 when the business was founded by my stepfather. Throughout this period, they have been a valued member of our wider management team, offering well thought through strategic advice."

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Whether you have passed the audit threshold, or are interested in switching auditors, the Shorts Audit team would love to hear from you.

How can our Audit team help?