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Providing our clients with quality service.
Providing our team with the right amount of time.

There's no way that we'd be in the exciting position we are right now if it had not been for the full support of Shorts

Nik Pratap - Managing Partner, Pratap Partnership Ltd

We provide all of the services you would expect from a full-service accountancy firm, helping clients to improve their finances, grow their businesses, and make effective and efficient use of their time.

89% of new clients moving to Shorts over the last five years listed ‘quality of service’ amongst their key reasons for making the move. So, what is it that Shorts do differently to achieve quality service? The answer is not rocket science – We give our team time.

The gift of time is one of our key strengths. We strive to maintain team levels at 15% over capacity to ensure that our team is not under undue pressure and is able to come to work each day, refreshed and ready for the day ahead. We have time to think, time to bounce ideas off one another, and time to ensure excellent client service. Our ability to deliver is a given, but additional capacity ensures that we have the capability to provide great service with the flexibility to adapt where required.

This approach is applied across all of our service lines, which means that our team have the opportunity to really get to know our clients, fully understand both them and their business, and bring better ideas for discussion.

It's all about time

What our clients experience

What do our clients experience, when our team is given time to do their job properly?
We asked our team to talk about the service our clients receive when they are provided with the right amount of time to complete their work.

What makes us proud?

Rob Brown is a best-selling author within the accounting sector and well-known within the industry for his Accounting Influencer’s podcast. Rob recently spoke in-depth with Managing Partner, Andy Irvine to explore Shorts’ values and discover what makes him the proudest.

About us

Shorts was founded in Chesterfield in 1890 and we have been on an exciting journey of growth and development ever since. This has included our expansion into South Yorkshire, growth in team numbers to >120, and the development of additional core services. We now sit proudly amongst the region’s leading independent firms.

We are of course, very proud of our local heritage, though we now also work with a growing number of national and international businesses and individuals, following advancements in technology and our membership of the Praxity Global Alliance.

We’ve worked hard to create an environment where our teams feel supported, developed, and happy in their careers, providing a blend of interesting and challenging work with the time and space for our team to contribute their own ideas. Our policies have a clear focus on fairness, inclusivity, and a drive for continuous improvement.

We’ve been on a journey of growth and development – but we’re not finished yet. We hope that our founder, Samuel Short would be proud of the Shorts of today. – A growing firm with ambition and enthusiasm for providing excellent client service, supported by a team of professionals who thrive on the buzz of delighting their clients.

Our core values define us. We are:



Firms will often claim to be proactive – but only those who prioritise time will succeed in this claim – time to think, time to analyse, and time to bounce ideas off one another. Time is precisely what we give our team, providing the capacity to look for opportunities and bring ideas to our clients.


Because people do business with people. We invest time in creating strong, meaningful relationships which endure for the long term.


The collaborative sharing of information between our teams is great news for clients. This joined-up approach creates better advice and access to expertise on offer throughout the practice.


Trust matters, and it is fundamental that our clients receive the very best advice and service. Our team is made up of individuals with the highest qualification in their field and many with Big4 experience.


In everything we do, we strive to be the outstanding, innovative practice in our region.

Recent recognition

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Tolley's Taxation awards 2022

Xero Large firm of the year

Winner 2022 / Finalists 2021 & 2018


Yorkshire Accountancy Awards 2020 and 2022